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When large volumes of bulk materials have to be recorded, mass flow meters are used.

This involves extremely complex processes. Weighing and measuring systems calculate and control the processes according to predetermined recipes for a wide range of industry sectors. Large bulk solid flows are handled in the process consistently and reliably with high feeding accuracy. The right electronics monitor the precise addition of all principal and secondary ingredients.

Schenck Process supplies dosing, filling and discharge stations for bulk materials at the start and end of the production process for numerous chemical, food, pharmaceutical and plastics applications. From standards to precisely adapted special designs.

Depending on the application, equipment, which works according to the Coriolis principle, is also used for recording, weighing and feeding. This ensures measurements are recorded directly and quickly. The Schenck Process MULTICOR® S measures the material flow extremely economically with an accuracy of +/- 2%. The flow volumes are sizeable and in the case of MULTISTREAM® range from 1 t/h – 100 t/h at feed rates of up to 80 m3/h and from 4 t/h – 1,000 t/h at feed rates of up to 1,250 m3/h.

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