Measurement chutes are used to measure mass flows. Also refer to Deflection chutes.

Measurement chutes determine the mass flow by measuring the centripetal force. The centripetal force (central forces) describes the physical force that causes a bend in the trajectory of a moving body. Orbital paths pull the bodies, thus the material, inwardly towards the centre point of the circle and keep it on this circular trajectory. The term is derived from Latin and means to seek, to strive for.

More specifically, the following occurs: The mass flow of bulk material runs smoothly on a deflection chute. Here the bulk material comes through the deflection at an angle, with the speed of the bulk material creating a centrifugal force. Since centripetal force is used in measurement chutes, these are also called centripetal force flow rate meters.

Incidentally, the deflection angle has a constant geometric value. The speed of the bulk materials must therefore equally be constant. Deviations or fluctuations have a direct impact on the measuring accuracy of the mass flow. The precisely defined introduction of bulk materials into the measurement chute takes maximum priority during system planning. Here, it should be noted that the friction arising during the process impacts on the average speed of the bulk materials. This depends on the applicable friction coefficient between the bulk material and the measurement chute.

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