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Belt weighers are used as multiple-roller belt weighers or as single-roller belt weighers depending on requirements relating to precision and material flow.

Both processes are ideal for bulk materials which flow easily and don’t stick. They are used to measure mass flows in production processes, with often very high mass flows of up to approximately 20,000 t/h and above.

While, for example, the price, ease of integration and product protection argue in favour of using single-roller belt weighers, other factors are also key in relation to the use of multiple-roller belt weighers:

Multiple-roller belt weighers often have an additional force deflection for measuring equipment and are more accurate than their single-roller sisters. This can be explained by the multiple-roller conveyance which transports the product to be dispensed over two or several rollers.

Amongst other things, the desired feed rates are crucial to the respective recommended design. Therefore Schenck Process provides twin-roller belt weighers for feed rates of up to around 15,000 t/h and multiple-roller belt weighers with feed rates of up to around 20,000 t/h.

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