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De-dusting – a process to remove objectionable fines of the same material or other material [... more]


Deagglomeration is a size reduction process in which loosely adhered clumps (agglomerates) of powders or crystals are broken apart without further disintegration of the powder or crystal particles themselves. [... more]

Discharge aids

Varying degrees of difficulty are experienced in transporting granular items and bulk materials. The containers or silos used cannot always provide a sufficient outlet diameter within the process, so a range of different discharge aids are used [... more]

Discharge scales

Discharge scales are scales used in a filling process, for example for recipe-controlled weighing. Following a recipe, they can combine different ingredients from previously separated containers, each with a separate feeding screw. [... more]

Discontinuous scales

With discontinuous scales, weighing is not undertaken continuously, just at times. The goods, products or vehicles are weighed statically, i.e. only when they have come to a complete stop. [... more]

Diverter Valve

Diverter valves direct bulk solids into different destinations as part of a dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying system. Typically, they help convey material from one source to two destinations (or reverse). Schenck Process offers a number of two [... more]

DMS load cell

DMS (DehnungsMessStreifen - the German for strain gauge) load cells are the most common form of electro-mechanical scales. They use electrical signals to determine mass. [... more]


Typical drives for process technologies: Slider-crank drive, Unbalance motor and Rotary force exciter cell [... more]

Dust Collector

A dust collector reduces the amount of dust or other impurities from the air in industrial and commercial operations [... more]

Dynamic axle scales

The basic difference between dynamic and static scales is that static scales determine the mass when stationary, while dynamic scales quickly and economically weigh the product without the need for an operator during transport and/or handling. [... more]

Dynamic scales

Dynamic scales determine the weight of an object during a relative movement between the goods being weighed and the load carrier. [... more]

Dynamic train scales

Dynamic train scales determine the weight of a wagon as it passes over them. [... more]

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