Measuring eyes are a compact sensor with one geometry for all loading ranges and are practically maintenance-free.

Schenck Process measuring eyes are produced from stainless steel and hermetically encapsulated with a protection class of IP 68.

A knurled pressing-in area transmits the deformations of the supporting structure to a web equipped with strain gauges. The measurement unit and cable output are connected by laser welding, which produces a hermetical sealing effect.

The measuring eye is pressed into the supporting structure of the construction to be weighed. When the supporting structure is loaded, the resulting deformations generate an electrical voltage charge proportional to the applied load.

The measuring eyes from Schenck Process – under the type designation DMA measuring eyes – are distinctive due to their design and wide range of applications.

The DMA measuring eyes are ideal, for instance, for use as a low-cost fill-level measuring unit. Measuring eyes can be retrofitted with very little effort, thus permitting gravimetric level measuring.

Other applications include, for instance, pre-assembled measuring supports or beams and overload reporting for cranes.

One reason for this broad-range yet simple applicability, which even applies to special versions in potentially explosive areas, is the hermetical sealing effect.

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