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Palett scales

Palett scales have to be multi-talented. As well as being robust and easy to maintain, it must also be possible to calibrate them. [... more]

Particle Size Distribution

Particle size distribution is an index indicating what sizes (particle size) of particles are present in what proportions (relative particle amount as a percentage where the total amount of particles is 100 %) in the sample particle group to be measured. [... more]

Pendulum bearings

These are supports which are continually returned back to the point of departure by the system. The forces repeatedly swing back and forth in and out of the starting position. [... more]

Platform scales

Platform scales are distinctive due to their mechanical design. They are flat, tray-like scales on which goods, containers or materials are weighed. [... more]

Process scales

All scales, which are integrated into a production line, are part of the process scales category. [... more]


Pulverize is to reduce material to small particles, powder or dust by grinding, crushing, or impacting. [... more]

Pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying is a method for moving bulk goods across an enclosed pipeline, using pressure and gas [... more]