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Screw Feeder

A mechanism for handling bulk solids materials where a helix or screw turns inside a hopper moving the materials forward and out of the feeding device into a process [... more]

Seal types for rotary equipment

The are four types of seals used on rotary equipment: Angle seals – basic rotary seal design are a non-contact labyrinth type for use on medium to high leakage applications Iris seals – flexible overlapping segments that provide a more positive seal for [... more]

Single-roller belt weighers

Belt weighers are available in two different versions: multi-roller or single-roller. Both are suited to bulk materials which flow easily and don't stick. [... more]

Static scales

Static scales only weigh goods, products or vehicles when they have come to a complete stop. In other words, when there is no longer any relative movement between the goods being weighed and the load carrier. [... more]