Palett scales have to be multi-talented. As well as being robust and easy to maintain, it must also be possible to calibrate them. But first and foremost they: Save time, particularly in all weighing sequences within packaging processes.

The models currently available thus work very effectively. Although the designs are very varied, the basic model resembles a horseshoe, on which the pallet is placed. The weight of the load can be read off the attached display with the weight of the pallet being deducted automatically.

The pallet scales solutions offered by Schenck Process are ideal for the most diverse sectors of industry and have very different areas of application. They are extremely robust and easy to maintain. It is also possible to calibrate them. They are suitable for use as automatic scales for filling big bags. They are used for input/output weighing and checkweighing of storage tanks, containers or pallets. On request, each set of pallet scales can be designed as a special version. For example, as complete scales, consisting of DPW pallet scales, DISOMAT® evaluation electronics and additional accessories.

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