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To introduce forces to measuring equipment, load cells need suitable supports. They must ensure the central, axial and torque-free introduction of forces into the running axles. Different supports are used to prevent traverse or lateral forces.

This movement is limited to a permissible horizontal displacement in each case. Depending on this, different support variants are used and include elastomer mounts, pendulum mounts, multi-ball bearings and supports with a conical tip/seat.

The name “pendulum bearings” is a good and accurate description. These are supports which are continually returned back to the point of departure by the system. The forces repeatedly swing back and forth in and out of the starting position.

With lateral displacement caused by lateral forces, rolling off occurs on convex surfaces. In the process, the distance h increases. Because the radius of the pendulum bearing is larger than h/2, restoring forces are generated which cause the return to the starting position. The maximum horizontal displacement is approximately 1-10 mm.

An interesting design is the integration of the load cell itself into the pendulum support as well. This reduces the installation height.