To introduce forces to measuring equipment, load cells need suitable supports which allow the weighed system to be moved horizontally.

This movement is limited to a permissible horizontal displacement in each case. Depending on the level of movement involved, different support variants are used and include elastomer supports, pendulum bearings, multi-ball bearings and supports with a conical tip/seat.

Elastomer supports can be used in many different ways including optimum introduction of force to ring-torsion load cells. They are found for example in all industrial scales, such as hopper scales, roller table scales, crane scales and truck scales.

Structure: The elastomer supports comprise the thrust piece for introducing load, the elastomer for self-centring and the base plate for diverting load to the support structure. They are made up of rubber and metal layers lying one on top of the other. This makes them very flexible and soft in a horizontal direction but very rigid in a vertical direction. They are therefore perfectly suited to tough industrial environments where they are relatively unaffected by lateral impact, movement and vibrations. Another feature is that they are permanently attached to the support and do not have to be guided when working with small transverse forces, all of which translates into a perfect function.

Function: The weight to be measured is introduced to the load cell via the thrust piece. Due to its design, the vertical spring compression is very low and proportional to load. Lateral forces distort the elastomer supports in parallel. It centres automatically as soon as there is no more lateral force.

Complete weighing modules, known as compact mounts, are also very useful.

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