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The en-masse chain conveying system or trough chain conveying system is based on a continuous conveyor using a drive mechanism. This is an endless chain of so-called flights or rather transverse flights.

The entire system runs in a closed trough, which is where its name has come from. Depending on the flight design, conveying takes place horizontally, vertically or on an upwards slope.

The en-masse chain conveyors offered by Schenck Process are manufactured by Stock Redler. They can handle 10 to 2,000 tonnes per hour and can be used in all sectors of industry.

The range includes, for example, heavy duty air-tight and high temperature water-cooled machines (up to 900°C) or specially designed solutions for the chemical industry, adaptable systems for the cement and mineral processing and steel industries. It also includes specially designed stainless steel clean line machines for use in the food industry.