Cable switch cabinets are essential for almost all weighing module applications. They combine several load cells with evaluation electronics.

This sounds simple but, just like other components, they require a design adapted specifically to the application. This, for example, is dependent on the ambient conditions.

Cable switch cabinets already differ in their surfaces given their different housing materials. Thus, for instance, aluminium housing is used particularly with high ambient temperatures of up to around 150 degrees Celsius, depending on the measurement cable used. Polyester housing is used in aggressive atmospheric conditions. However, stainless steel housing is used universally. Special composite switch cabinets are provided in potentially explosive areas.

Other differences relate to the usage and number of load cells. Load cells are thus connected with a 4-wire and 6-wire connection. Cable switch cabinets with type designation DKK and VKK have an equipotential bonding plate to ensure correct connection of the equipotential bonding conductors.

Examples of designs for special applications:

Cable switch cabinets VKK 280×1: used to extend the load cell connection cable.
X stands for the housing material. 0 = polyester, 1 = aluminium, 2 = stainless steel

Composite switch cabinets VKK 280×4 DKK 6, VKK 280×6, and VKK 280×8: for connecting 4, 6 or 8 weighing module load cells.

Corner balancing takes place via integrated series resistors where there are high demands on weighing accuracy. For example, by means of adjustment via time-saving link plugs.

Cable switch cabinets FAK: specially for belt weigher applications.
To extend the load cell connection as well as other sensor cables. Several load cell signals can be merged at the same time. This occurs without corner balancing in this instance. Connections for motor, thermal and tachometer signals are also available.

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