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Crane scales belong to the group of static standard scales.

This means that during the actual weighing, no consideration is given to the relative movement between the goods being weighed and the load carrier. The mass is determined by bringing it to the scales. The measurement result is only determined once the weighing system has settled mechanically and electrically at a stationary value.

Many moving goods are weighed using crane scales. Ships, vehicles and containers are loaded with the help of cranes. Foundry and charging cranes weigh the material flow in smelters and steelworks. All without losing any time, simply by using crane weighing systems which are designed and further developed in such a way that they provide plenty of design flexibility, from systematically planned standards through to special designs.

Schenck Process crane scales are part of the group of electro-mechanical scales, which facilitate all of the required accuracy classes as well as task-specific adaptations.