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Weighing modules, which are available from Schenck Process under the name of “compact mounts” are characterised by their particular robustness.

These compact mounts are used in industrial scales, for example, as bearing units with an integrated bumper and lifting lock. They comprise the fixture for introducing loads, the load cells, the bumper or elastomer mount and the lifting lock.

The complex weighing module/compact mount are positioned by being pushed into the support structure.
The bumper and lifting lock clearance are adjusted by screws. Both adjusting and controlling the clearance are also possible in confined installation situations.

Function: The weight is introduced via the pressure piece in the load cell and transferred to the elastomer. Due to its specific design, the vertical spring compression is very low and proportional to load.

Lateral forces distort the elastomer in parallel. It centres automatically as soon as there is no more lateral force. As a result the bumpers restrict the motion clearance. The lifting lock prevents lifting. A guide is not necessary.