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The food industry demands that finished products arrive on the market in exact accordance with the recipe. The essential requirements include: the optimum recipe itself and weighing & dosing solutions for accurate, consistent process control – all in a hygienic design.

Two “à la Carte” solutions, so that foods meet your taste

Complex requirements demand adaptable solutions. Schenck Process offers individually adaptable solutions for the dosing of main and subsidiary ingredients to the perfect recipe e.g. we ensure that salt, sugar, flour and starch are processed reliably, consistently and economically. So that cereals meet with your taste, pizza tastes “Italian” and rolls taste as if fresh from the baker.

Continual, reliable dosing or monitoring of mass flow

Wherever dosing has to be carried out with high accuracy in continual processes, the MechaTron® Gravimteric Feeder is used. For Cereals, flour, starch, salt, mustard seeds, vitamins or spices are required – the MechaTron® modular feeding system provides the right feeding element: vibration trough, single and twin screw configurations.

AccuRate®, our volumetric dosing system, is outstanding for its flexibility and ease of integration. A reliable compact solution, which has already proven itself 30,000 times over in practical applications.

Different, specially adaptable solutions can be used, depending on the special task, recipe or material properties: SolidsFlow®, our inline vibratory feeder, is particularly suitable for sensitive foodstuffs products such as Cornflakes.

Do you want to monitor mass flows, dose non-viscous loose materials or have little space left in your system? Then the MULTIDOS® Weighbelt Feeder is the right choice for you.

MULTIDOS® F is used for mass flow monitoring in the fish and meat industry e.g. for determination of the fat content in meat, a task which places the most exacting requirements on hygiene. MULTIDOS® F has been designed especially for this purpose, and is ideally suitable for wet steam cleaning.

Our MULTIDOS® L Weighbelt Feeder for continuous gravimetric measurement and feeding is used for the production of chocolate, the processing of gherkins or in parts of the basic food industry.

The MULTICOR® Mass Flow Meter highly accurately monitors mass flows using the Coriolis principle, its areas of application including for example the balancing of daily starch production.

These modular solutions for the food industry are complemented by SacMaster®, our universal Big-Bag Discharge Station. Thanks to it´s modular design, this device meets a wide range of process requirements such as a refilling station for the MechaTron® Gravimetric Feeder.

Discontinual, high-precision filling and filling level monitoring

In discontinual systems, Schenck Process scales and evaluation systems monitor and control the exact composition of recipes. The load sensors and evaluation electronics can be used across an extremely broad application spectrum such as the reliable and accurate filling of high-value loose goods and liquids into container scales.

Our platform and Palett scales are robust, maintenance-free and naturally approved for use in accordance with exacting calibration requirements.

Schenck Process also offers the right electronics for the task in hand, from a simple weighing transmitter to a weighing controller for complex dosing tasks.

DISOBOX®, DISOMAT®, INTECONT®, DISOCONT® and DISOCONT® Master can all be integrated without any problem into all existing control systems.

Schenck Process offers comprehensive support where production systems in the food industry are being converted from discontinuous to continuous processes.

Schenck Process also offers a worldwide 24/7 service cover. With 19 locations with several branches, together with over 70 representative offices, we are your expert, global partner for solutions on all aspects of weighing, feeding, measuring and automation technology.
Give us a call. We look forward to offering you our comprehensive à la Carte service. In every process step. From planning to system completion, and on to long-term, all

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