CONiQ® Cloud


The CONiQ® Cloud is a distributed web system of adapted IT solutions. It covers powerful tools which are linked to a growing knowledge base, whereas this knowledge base is specific to Schenck Process market domains. These tools empower Schenck Process service experts to monitor OEM equipment such as vibrating machines remotely in near-time. In case of an event, Schenck Process communicates relevant condition and performance related information with site operation and maintenance teams.

Cloud Dashboard

In addition the CONiQ® Cloud includes an optional easy-to-use Web-Dashboard which brings Screen KPIs directly to any laptop, tablet or mobile phone with internet connection. Dashboards are linked to specific accounts, so that users get access to their private machines only. Key features:

  • Responsive Webdesign – Dashboard panels adapt to screen resolution and panel interactions such as zooming work smoothly with both mouse and touch.
  • Drag & Drop panel design enables end-users to easily adapt a dashboard to user preferences.
  • Time zone and dashboard language automatically adapt to the client system.
  • Graphical illustration of thresholds in trend diagrams enable quick assessment of whether a machine is operating within or outside its tolerance bands.
  • If desired E-Mail alerts can be activated.

Remote Access

Data transfer from local Condition Monitoring and Sensor systems to the CONiQ® Cloud is managed by an adapted Remote Access solution from the vendor SECOMEA. Respective Data Security, please find information in the download section below to a vendor summary statement.

The Schenck Process adaption of the SECOMEA system includes the use of “SiteManager hardware” in combination with a “Private GateManager Server”. Local internet connection is established either via cellular network, WiFi or LAN.

Data Sources

The CONiQ® Cloud is designed to process data from various sources. While efficient integration of further measurement devices is possible, the system is compatible to two CONiQ® Monitor systems:

CONiQ® Monitor Exciter
Released in 2015, this Condition Monitoring system from Schenck Process is specifically designed for Vibrating Equipment. While providing basic KPI in relation to screen motion, the system has proven very reliable in detecting exciter related problems at an early stage. For detailed information please visit the product webpage:

CONiQ® Monitor Motion
The advanced motion sensor system is a 2020 market innovation form Schenck Process consisting of wireless and synchronized 3D motion sensors. These sensors are distributed all around the machine so that the full motion of the screen body can be monitored. Following a list of key features and characteristics:

  • Magnet mounting All sensors are installed in a matter of a few minutes.
  • Powered by primary batteries with sufficient capacity for >1 year ongoing operation.
  • Radio protocol based on IEEE 802.15.4 enabling full sensor synchronisation.
  • The internet communication gateway is housed inside an industrial cabinet. If combined, CONiQ Monitor – Exciter and CONiQ Monitor – ScreenMotion share the same wall cabinet.
  • On-demand option: Generation of a Slow-Motion 3D Wireframe video. This feature has proven to be a powerful tool for everyone (experts and non-experts) to actually get a visual representation of how the screen is performing. Thereby the video helps to detect problems and reveals potential for performance optimization.
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