Condition monitoring for screening machines and vibrating feeders

CONiQ® Monitor – Condition monitoring for screening machines and vibrating feeders

Continuous condition monitoring to protect machine components

By continually monitoring the condition of various parameters, for example temperature and mechanical vibration, CONiQ® Monitor protects the machine and its components. The condition monitoring system ensures early detection of damage and condition-based maintenance of the machine. The real-time monitoring of critical variables delivers additional peace of mind and makes sure the machine is energy-efficient.

Evaluation box
Evaluation box
Condition monitoring
Condition monitoring
CONiQ® Monitor on the force exciter
CONiQ® Monitor on the force exciter

The benefits of CONiQ® Monitor:

  • Automated interpretation of state variables based on knowledge of the machine and material
  • Improved uptime through avoiding unexpected disruptions
  • Low maintenance costs due to predictive planning
  • Maximum process uptime
  • Improved safety through remote monitoring
  • Lowers CO2 footprint
  • Monitoring of machine movement in six dimensions
  • Robust design of all parts to withstand constant vibrational stress
  • Quick and easy retrofitting
  • Minimal wiring required thanks to separation of the Measurement and the Floor Unit
  • Cable routing and cable protection on the exciter adapted for use on vibrating machine
  • Separate and therefore optimized monitoring of structure-borne sound and machine movement
  • Pays off immediately if just one unplanned downtime can be avoided!
CONiQ® condition monitoring – what your vibrating machine would tell you if only it could.

The customized design of our Vibrating Screens ensure recovery is maximized, to deliver an increase in economic value.

We achieve this through:

  • Improving recovery rates of quality material and throughput
  • Increased uptime
  • Durability; long-life performance
  • Reliability
  • Less wear and high availability globally
  • Larger open area
  • Operator-safety-first springs, that prevent accidents/tampering
  • Low noise
  • On-going maintenance support

Download the CONiQ® Monitor sheets and brochure here

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