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Flexible, safe and clean: Feeder for battery cell production

Schenck Process goes Battery - with the new loss-in-weight feeder CS+. On this page, you will find all the important info about the new feeder for battery cell production. On this page, you will find all the important information about the new feeder for battery cell production.

Highest precision and safety in battery cell production

Battery production is complex. Maximum precision and protection for employees and the environment are required. This is because producers of lithium-ion batteries have to handle materials that are difficult to process, in some cases highly flammable and highly toxic. In this context of battery production, the requirements for minimizing dust emissions from process equipment are continuously increasing. As part of the value chain in battery production, our new CS+ loss-in-weight feeding system ensures maximum process reliability in the area of component dosing.

Advantages of CS+:

Maximum cleanliness

  • Particularly high dust tightness
  • Seamless integration into continuous containment concepts
  • Limitation of dust emissions

Maximum safety

  • Safe handling and cleaning
  • Avoidance of product contamination due to metallic abrasion
  • Consistently high accuracy for consistently high product quality

Flexibility and efficiency

  • Modular system design
  • Coverage of a wide feeding range with only one feeding unit (from 1 liter per hour to 5,500 liters per hour)
  • Two sizes for different capacities and operating modes

Expertise for battery production

In the new development of the CS+ modular configurable feeding system, we have drawn on our many years of experience and proven solutions from the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Whether in the production of wet cell batteries or dry cell batteries – users minimize their risks in battery cell production with our loss-in weight feeding system CS+