Schenck Process supplies sand handling and pumping systems across the rail and tram industries.

Schenck Process has developed fixed sand handling systems in response to the commonly recognized problems associated with sand box filling within the rail and tram industry including manual handling bags of sand and material spillage.

The re-filling of sand boxes or hoppers on trains and trams is an important factor to ensure the correct operation of the vehicle’s braking system and to assist with traction when there are slippery track conditions.

In many train and tram depots the sand is refilled manually which can take a significant amount of time. An ideal solution is the installation of a Schenck Process MULTIRAIL® SandPiper static sand filling station that pneumatically pumps sand from a hopper location into the sand box on the train or tram.

The MULTIRAIL® SandPiper fixed sanding filling system is operated by a petrol pump style nozzle used for depot maintenance schemes. The operator simply places the nozzle into the sand box and opens the flow valve. Sand is transferred under pressure with dust emission eliminated by a simple exhaust system. When the sand box is full, the action of the sand covering the nozzle outlet automatically stops the sand flow. The operator then closes the supply and returns the nozzle back to the dispensing holster. Local dispensing points located along service roadways provide the facility to fill the sand boxes simultaneously on multiple roadways.

The Schenck Process MULTIRAIL® SandPiper product range is the only UK designed and manufactured sand filling pumping system with an extensive service and maintenance team to ensure the optimum performance of the installation.


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