ProFlex® C

Loss-in-weight feeder

Optimised, low-maintenance, flexible

The new generation of feeders for the compound industry
ProFlex® C offers proven Schenck Process quality and stability and is based on the experience of two generations of feeders with flexible troughs.

Save space and time, adapt flexibly and improve quality
The optimised design of the ProFlex® C pays off in every respect, starting with the flexible installation options. Available in two feeder sizes and a total of three container sizes, the system fits in any available space. An off-centre auger arrangement allows up to eight feeders to be installed. The drive and auger arrangements can be still adapted individually during assembly.
Vertical container walls mean that virtually every millimetre is used to the max and impact positively on the bulk material flow.
The ProFlex® C weighing system is available in two feed lengths for feed rates of up to 6000 dm3/h. It is equipped with MULTI-POINT weighing system.

Low-maintenance operations, easy to clean
  • Driving the agitation using connecting rods and robust bearings reduces maintenance work.
  • The containers are easy to clean. Just two easily accessible sides are needed for service work.

ProFlex® C is available as a Loss-in-Weight Feeder and a Volumetric Feeder.

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Data sheets
ProFlex® C Loss-In-Weight Feeder
ProFlex® C500 / C3000 / C6000 Volumetric Feeder
DISOCONT® Tersus Measurement, Control and Supervisory System
ProFlex® C100
ProFlex® C
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