A Feeder range with space saving design, low-maintenance and flexibility

The ProFlex ® C material feeder range consists of four different feeder sizes, to meet the varying material requirements of the Plastic compound and masterbatch industries. The range includes variants for feed rates of up to 6000dm3/h, 3000dm3/h, 500dm3/h and 100dm3/h.

The feed system is used for accurate, continuous volumetric and gravimetric feeding of bulk materials such as powders and granulate materials.

Save space and time, adapt flexibly and improve quality
The optimized design of the ProFlex® C pays off in every respect, starting with the flexible installation options. The system fits in any available space, through its four variant design options. An off-center auger arrangement allows up to eight feeders to be installed, while the drive and auger arrangements can be still adapted individually during assembly.

Vertical container walls mean that virtually every millimeter is used to the maximum and impact positively on the bulk material flow.

Features and Benefits
Space-saving design, that enables optimum installation in existing and new production plants
Simple maintenance through rapid and simple disassembly for cleaning and changing feed material
Easy operation, through integrated measuring, control and regulation electronics
Smooth outflow of bulk materials is provided through an asymmetric design of its flexible hopper with steep wall angles
Easy change of discharge / drive side ensures operational flexibility for limited space availability
Optimum, high performance with an installation of up to eight feeders
High safety LIW-critical cabling encapsulated

There is a range of electronic components to choose from, in order to best match the feeder to the respective application. From junction boxes to complete electronic controls. All models are available as loss-in-weight feeders and volumetric feeders.

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