Corrugated belt conveyor

    Working Principle

    The material is fed onto the belt at the loading point. The conveyor is fitted with a pre-conveyor, or silo, which in combination with a weighing system determines the amount of material that is fed onto the corrugated belt conveyor.

    At the outlet the material is discharged from the pockets thanks to its self-weight, centrifugal force and rapper pulley.


    • Easy to integrate in existing plants
    • Vertical conveyance
    • Minimal dust formation due to flexible conveyor configuration
    • Flexibility allows for material discharge from the conveyor at the outlet
    • Environmentally secure system:
    • protects the material conveyed
    • Material which falls from the downhill conveyor is lifted by a cleat and sent back to the uphill conveyor

    A TEDO product, Schenck Process Group

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