Perfect feeding from 1 to 6,000 l/hr

Recipes harmonised down to the last gram are a guarantee of quality in the compound and masterbatch industry. The ideal feeders must therefore be fully harmonised to the properties of the bulk materials and feed rates and need to be flexible in terms of spatial requirements as well.

As previously announced, Schenck Process has extended the ProFlex® C feed system to include the 6000 Series for this very reason. The ProFlex® C feed system unveiled at POWTECH 2008 is used for volumetric and gravimetric feeding of additives and fillers in powder, granulate or fibre form, which are needed for the refinement of plastics.

Depending on feed rate requirements, we would recommend using either the ProFlex® C500 or ProFlex® C6000 variants. Both basic models can be complemented with various feed hoppers, feed screws and spirals.

Space-saving, flexible, quality-enhancing

The ProFlex® C500 and ProFlex® C6000 Series from Schenck Process are characterised by their flexible and space-saving geometries. The asymmetric design allows the feeders to be arranged in pairs with discharge nozzles fitted close to one another. For service purposes, the system need only be accessed from two sides.

The direction of the discharge side can be easily changed at any time. The design enables up to 8 feeder stations to be integrated into new and existing production plants. The system can also be disassembled in a couple of easy steps for rapid product changes. Various feed hoppers, feed screws and spirals are available for adaptation to the specific properties of bulk materials.

All in all, ProFlex® C is yet another innovation for customers who value the quality of their products. The new and perfectly adapted ProFlex® C solutions help customers achieve this in every possible way.

Zero-maintenance, robust and free from faults

The latest new product to be lauched is the MULTI-POINT weighing system, which is not sensitive to lateral jolts or vibrations. All the cables carrying power and signals between weighed and stationary parts are positioned within the protection of the weighing module – all unwanted power bypasses are therefore avoided. A simple transport lock allows the scales to be moved safely.

The latest member of the ProFlex® C product range is therefore also an extremely flexible, robust and reliable weighing system. It requires virtually no maintenance during use and is designed for simple product changes. Once again, this system has been optimised for high quality while also offering space, time and cost savings.

The ProFlex® C500 and the new ProFlex® C6000 Series will be presented at POWTECH 2008 at the end of September in Nuremberg. Our team of specialists at the event will be happy to answer your questions on the latest ProFlex® C innovation.

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