Low-cost VDW load cell and DFT truck scales

For many years, the RTN load cell used in Schenck Process’ truck scales has been a reliable guarantee for high quality standards. And now, the new low-cost VDW load cell for the latest generation of DFT truck scales offers customers even more alternatives.

Schenck Process sells truck scales of various designs all over the globe. Depending on where they are used, both technical standards and local competition may vary. The truck scale solutions deployed reflect these variations. Until now the only common denominator has been the robust, durable RTN load cell.

But markets around the world are changing. Economic requirements are changing at an ever increasing speed. Demand for simpler, lower cost and electromechanical scale solutions is growing all the time. And Schenck Process has come up with the new high-quality, self-centring VDW pressure load cell for this very reason. Many of its details are based on the experiences gleaned from the long-established RTN load cells. For example, the tried-and-tested EMC concept has been transferred to the VDW load cell, which gives it outstanding protection from electromagnetic interference. The integrated overvoltage protection has also been adopted.

The VDW’s characteristics and output impedance have been balanced so well that there is no need for subsequent corner balancing in a multiple load cell unit.

The VDW load cell is a self-aligning oscillating cell that keeps transverse forces away from the cell even if the weighbridge has major horizontal deflection. The much simpler mount elements make cost-effective introduction of load possible.

The VDW load cell can be supplied for two nominal loads: 33t and 44t.

VDW load cell compared with the familiar ring torsion load cell

The main difference in the new VDW load cell is the greater height. In terms of design, it does not feature the elastomer mount.

By way of comparison: The weight to be determined in the RTN load cell is introduced via a pressure piece in the load cell. Lateral forces distort the elastomer in parallel. It centres automatically as soon as there is no more lateral force. This means that the elastomer mount dampens the weighbridge’s motion clearance, especially when working with dynamic loads.

When the weighbridge deflects, the design of the VDW load cells results in a lower reset torque. All in all, the new low-cost VDW load cell is a perfect entry-level model. What is now Schenck Process’ fifth generation of DFT truck scales with integrated strip foundations and two different load cell variants (RTN and VDW) is the optimum weighing system for any circumstances from a single source. It is low-cost, well-engineered and economic to use.

The new VDW load cell at a glance:

  • Legal-for-trade pressure load cell, optimised for use in truck scales
  • Self-aligning function
  • Easy to install and align thanks to appropriate accessories
  • Balancing of characteristics and output impedance simplify corner balancing
  • An optimised EMC concept protects against electromagnetic interference
  • Laser-welded, IP68 protection 1m/100h; IP 68k

Our scales specialists would be pleased to provide any other information that you may require.

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