Crane scales

    Double-frame solution

    Convenient, can be calibrated, not temperature-critical

    Weighing in the crane trolley with a double frame
    Building specifications always play a major role in project planning for crane scales solutions. Customers always ask whether the building space available is big enough for a convenient solution of high precision with no dependence on temperature.

    A convenient solution
    Weighing in the crane trolley using a double-frame solution: four RTN load cells are positioned between the chassis frame and weighing frame along with VEN load cell bearings and bumber checks.

    the weighing frame can be adjusted to the size of the chassis frame and is held in position by bumber checks. The system always centres itself automatically after lateral deflection, e.g. caused by crossways acceleration or braking, thanks to its VEN elastomer mounts.

    Safe, highly precise, not temperature-critical
    The weighing system’s cabling can be integrated in the crane’s cabling. The result is high accuracy weighing of up to 0.1% of the limit value. The system can also be calibrated and remains at the greatest possible safety clearance from the heat source of the ladle.
    One possible disadvantage could be the installation height. We suggest different solutions for circumstances with building limitations.

    » Weighing in the chassis
    » Upper sheave-block weighing

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