LOGiQ® SelfDispatchManager

LOGiQ® SelfDispatchManager is one of a number of convenient modules which make up the perfectly coordinated logistics software solution from Schenck Process for the bulk materials and cargo industry. All procedures from ordering through to shipment can be automated with the help of LOGiQ®. Flows of goods are accompanied from and to the production processes with the fully automated exchange of data between process and commercial systems.

The LOGiQ® SelfDispatchManager module is used for planning transport orders. Unlike DispatchManager, which is operated by a planner, the SelfDispatchManager module can be activated and operated by the driver alone, independently of staff in the plant.

The self-planning terminal is a totally standalone operating unit and ideally is installed in the entrance area. It is convenient and very easy to operate via the touchscreen monitor.

Conveniently save time, work and money
The benefit is plain to see. Because the terminal can also be used outside regular working hours, 24-hour operation is possible. But even within regular working hours, it takes a huge amount of pressure off the plant’s operating staff. This saves valuable time and greatly extends the time available for processing, allowing you to work effectively for up to 24 hours a day depending on the plant. A benefit that both parties stand to gain from.

Simple, safe, effective

User operation is of course designed such that planning processes agreed on with the plant are observed and that the driver enters all the necessary data. LOGiQ® permanently monitors the plausibility of the data entered. This also prevents the driver from potentially entering incorrect data. The interface is designed to be simple and very clear. For example, when the dialogue launches, the driver selects his mother tongue (by selecting his country’s flag) and is then guided step by step through the process.

Three variants can be activated in the system as the basis for transactions:
  • Saved contracts
  • Preplanned transport orders
  • Production of new transport orders

The LOGiQ® SelfDispatchManager module also evaluates saved contracts just like the DispatchManager module. The only difference is that for safety the driver is guided through the recording of the other pieces of data in a defined sequence.

Transport orders
Alternatively a driver can also access transport orders already saved in the system to activate them. These transport orders can either be prepared by a planner in LOGiQ® or transferred directly via the ERP interface.

New transport orders
The driver uses the master data saved in LOGiQ® as the basis for producing new transport orders.
Contracts and transport orders can also be combined in any way. When selecting transport orders, those already planned are displayed first.


In order to identify himself on the LOGiQ® SelfDispatchManager, the driver has a pass or uses an identification number (PIN) known to him only. The transaction number (TAN) can also be used for identification purposes.

Depending on its configuration, the LOGiQ® SelfDispatchManager module can also provide the driver with documents he needs for subsequent processes, e.g. maps and route cards. He receives these via the LOGiQ® PrintManager.

Software modules:
LOGiQ® SelfDispatchManager basic module for incorporating functionality. LOGiQ® SelfDispatchManager licence per SD terminal used.

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