LOGiQ® MasterDataManager

The LOGiQ® MasterDataManager module works in a similar manner to a command centre for master data. It manages all the instances of access required to create, process and delete master data in a plant installation. Data processing is simply carried out using a browser interface, making it workstation-independent. Master data is modified in line with a streamlined rights management system which distinguishes between three security levels: basic operator level, administrator level and system settings level.

The system settings level applies to system settings which are set by Schenck Process personnel only. This generally takes place during commissioning and when setting the system configuration.

The administrator level and the operator level can be set for various types of master data.

LOGiQ® basically features a two-layer model of master data management. Because LOGiQ® is designed to be fully multi-client enabled, users can save both data which is shared between plants and data which is only connected to a certain plant number. All shared plant data is available throughout the entire connected plant network. It is supplemented by individual data with a plant number group.

Security is of particular importance for this central module. Master data which has been transferred using the host interface is basically protected from processing. This prevents inconsistencies arising between LOGiQ® and the ERP system. If processing is necessary in LOGiQ® with LOGiQ® MasterDataManager, a separate security level for the operator is required.

Software modules:
LOGiQ® MasterDataManager basic module for incorporating functionality. LOGiQ® MasterDataManager licence per workstation.

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The LOGiQ® MasterDataManager
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