Pulverised Coal Feeding: Guaranteed Feeding Consistency Ensuring High Product Quality

Economical and environmentally friendly

The process engineering and material requirements for pulverised coal feeding are high. Pulverised coal types such as lignite, anthracite, charcoal, bituminous coal, oil coke or mixtures of these fuels must be used just as economically as oil shale, coke and pulverised anodes, for example.

Schenck Process provides perfectly adapted technology with the MULTICOR® K Coriolis pulverised coal feeding system, paired with the MULTICELL horizontal star feeder. This offers excellent wear resistance due to high-quality materials, with guaranteed feeding accuracy of +/- 0.5% and a feeding constistency of +/- 1% within the short-term range. It complies with statutory limit values for SO 2, NO x and CO in the kiln and its emissions.

The two basic pulsation-free feeding concepts

1. For medium pneumatic transfer pressures to the burner, the pneumatic conveyor line is directly fed using MULTICOR® K and MULTICELL.

2. For very high transfer pressures to the burner, indirect feeding via a pump or star feeder into the pneumatic conveyor line using MULTICOR® S and MULTICELL is advisable.

Applications: Rotary kiln charging in cement plants, shaft kiln charging in cement or lime plants, and feeding pre-heaters or reactors.

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Cement industry