Weighfeeder in hygienic design

Open housing variant
MULTIDOS® F series weighfeeders complement the product line with low feed rates. The lightweight design and easy accessibility through large inspection openings of the parts in contact with the product make the MULTIDOS® F especially suitable for use in the food processing and food industry. All parts in contact with the goods fed into it are made out of stainless steel.

Economical and cost-effective integration
The product’s high-quality measurement and control electronics enable extensive monitoring of the weighfeeders and allow easy, cost-effective integration into the plant controls; this is especially true for the MechaTronic version.

Special features:
Wide performance range. Quick clean design.
Simple belt change with no auxiliary equipment. Gentle product handling.

MULTIDOS® F – Open housing variant
For mass flow recording in the fish and meat industry. Suitable for mass flow recording or feeding. The scales are designed to meet the most demanding hygiene requirements and are suitable for wet cleaning with steam-cleaners.

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