LOGiQ® ERPManager

LOGiQ® ERPManager is one of a number of modules which make up the perfectly coordinated logistics software solution from Schenck Process for the bulk materials and cargo industry. The LOGiQ system automates all processes from ordering through to shipment and synchronises the exchange of data between process and commercial systems.

LOGiQ® ERPManager was developed for communicating with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, e.g. SAP R/3. Alternatively, it is possible to use direct TCP exchange or file exchange.

Special features:

  • Basic ERP connection
  • Flexible adaptation, buffering of data in the case of communication faults, DOC, BAPI, ASCII transfer
  • Special filter mechanisms with PRE and POST data processor

The LOGiQ® ERPManager module is completely adjustable and configurable. The data objects from the host system are assigned to data objects in LOGiQ® and vice versa using a convenient setting screen. Various filters can be set for the data and can be used as required. These filters do not necessarily have to relate to the field to which this filter control is to apply, but can take into account all data in the transfer data record.

The LOGiQ® ERPManager module also features a so-called pre processor, which processes data according to variable rules before importing it into the LOGiQ® database. This has the benefit of being able to convert units from the imperial system into the metric system, for example. The post processor in LOGiQ® ERPManager works in the same manner before the back transfer. Data saved in LOGiQ® which is expected in another format in the host system, can thereby be converted into any format before it is transferred.

The LOGiQ® ERPManager module is configured precisely by Schenck Process specialists as part of a separate order, when any modifications and adaptations to customer systems needed are also undertaken. These services are carried out in agreement with the customer on the basis of a specification. They are not included in the basic package.

Software modules and services:
LOGiQ® Idocker basic module for incorporating functionality. Software adaptation to the appropriate higher-level host system.

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