LOGiQ® Loading automation system

    Automated, flexible, efficient

    LOGiQ®, the fully automated logistics software solution.

    LOGiQ® is a perfectly coordinated logistics solution for the bulk materials and cargo industry, developed and continuously optimised by Schenck Process. It’s a logistics solution from one source for the most diverse industries which automates all processes, from ordering through to shipment. LOGiQ® firstly controls the flows of goods to and from the production processes. Secondly, it simultaneously exchanges data between process and commercial systems.

    The special feature of LOGiQ® is the modular system chain. It is made up of perfectly interconnected modules of hardware and software components. These modules enable flexibly coordinated adaptation to all of our customers’ requirements.

    Another benefit is the compatibility. The relevant components can easily be combined with both LOGiQ® modules and products from other suppliers. It’s an ideal solution which especially lends itself to situations where there are already older components in a company’s logistics chain.

    Overview of services:

    • 24/7
    • Plant access control
    • Parking space management
    • Recording the incoming, outgoing and loading weights
    • Controlling loading stations (bulk material)
    • Controlling approval stations (bulk material/cargo)
    • Evaluating weighing equipment
    • Automated exchange of data to ERP systems
    • Automated exchange of data to PLC systems
    • Managing master data as an independent system
    • Managing containers with residue monitoring
    • Managing various means of transport (truck/train/container/ship(limited))
    • Central detection system for all operations in automatic and emergency mode
    • Information service on forwarding fault e-mails
    • Electronic dispatch of delivery slips

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