Train loader (TLO)

Accurate, high speed Loading Systems for any application

Reliable Operation

Schenck Process Train Loaders are designed to operate reliably in the harshest mining environment. High temperatures, dust, and water are commonplace in the mining industry. Schenck Process train loaders will not only handle this harsh environment, they will operate reliably for extended periods with only routine maintenance.

Extensive use of high quality corrosion resistant paints, environmentally sealed electrical equipment, and high quality hydraulic components ensure the reliable operation of a Schenck Process train loader throughout the life of the mining operation.

Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Use of high quality corrosion resistant paints
  • Environmentally sealed electrical equipment
  • High quality hydraulic components

Ensure the reliable operation of a Schenck Process train loader throughout the life of the mining operation.

Material Handling Expertise

The performance of a train loader is often limited by the operation of the stockpile and reclaim system and the capacity of the train loader surge bin. While both are separate systems, they operate in concert to achieve a given performance. Poorly designed reclaim systems, or insufficient train loader surge capacity can significantly downgrade train-loading performance. Equally it does not make good economic sense to provide excessive reclaim or train loader surge capacity. The two systems need to be designed with the performance and requirements of the other being considered.

The Schenck Process loading systems team has extensive experience in materials handling, and stockpile reclaim systems. Schenck Process’s engineers are available to assist our clients with materials handling system design, thereby optimising operation of the reclaim system and train loader, while at the same time considering capital expenditure constraints.

Schenck Process can also incorporate electrical and PLC control of the clients’ materials handling system into the train loader design if required.

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