En-masse chain conveyor

Gentle handling of bulk materials

MoveMaster® – The Mechanics of En-Masse Conveying and Elevating
En-Masse movement is the term used to describe the unique method of conveying bulk materials smoothly, gently and economically. Material is induced to move like a liquid through a slender dust tight steel casing, horizontally, on an inclined plane, vertically and around bends. The conveyor feeds itself at any point with a uniform load. The skeletal flight configuration induces the material to flow in a solid, placid column. There is no internal disturbance or pressure on the material and the load can be discharged at any opening, where it is permitted to fall away from the flights. The conveyor is not a scraper conveyor. There is no dragging or scraping action, material simply moves forward in a solid placid column, ‘En-Masse.

MoveMaster® Conveying & Elevating with Proven Technology

MoveMaster® En-Masse Conveyors
Movement of the chain when buried in the material will induce the whole mass to move forward gently in a solid, placid column ‘En-Masse’. Material dragging, particle tumbling or rolling DOES NOT occur. MoveMaster® Conveyors are manufactured in a standard range of sizes from 200mm wide upwards, enabling them to meet every requirement. Multiple inlets and/or outlets for conveyor intake or discharge. ‘Two-Way’ Conveyors will convey in both directions.

MoveMaster® En-Masse Eleveyors
Movement of the chain when buried in the material will induce the whole mass to move forward gently in a solid column. The eleveyor design permits the column of material to be moved vertically or on an inclined plane. Eleveyors are manufactured in a standard range of sizes from 200mm wide upwards, which enables them to meet every requirement.

The Benefits of MoveMaster® En-Masse Handling

Cost Effective
Capital Costs prove very competitive with other forms of handling equipment, thus giving quicker ‘payback period’. Power Running Costs significantly lower than most other forms of equipment, i.e they can be as low a 1/10 of dense phase conveying. Low Cost Maintenance. Heavy duty rigid construction in simple modules, high strength chain, choke detectors, overload and underspeed switches all ensure easy maintenance at infrequent intervals.

Labour Saving
Manual to fully automatic control of single or multiple machine systems provided by proven BASIC control systems. No specialised maintenance staff required.

Environmentally Acceptable
Totally Enclosed machines and transfer points of dust-tight and weatherproof construction. Safe as all moving parts are totally enclosed.

Specialised features of ‘En-Masse’ equipment offer versatility to plant layout. Handles virtually all types of dry bulk products.

Size and duty comparison with alternative forms of handling equipment.

Gentle Handling
Materials moves ‘En-Masse’ slowly in a solid placid column with the conveying elements; thus degradation is virtually eliminated. Chain Design permits material column to change direction through bends, without degradation.

Over 100 years experience of handling hundreds of bulk materials worldwide within a wide range of industries.

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