MechaTron® LQ

    Loss-in-weight liquid feeder

    For continuous and batch applications

    The cost-efficient feeding solution for low to high viscous liquids does not make any compromises when it comes to performance.The robust feeder works reliable and extremely accurate.

    To meet our customers requirements, the flexible design of the MechaTron Liquid® feeder allows the use of customized agitators, electrical or liquid tracing and different pump configurations.

    The feeder will be used for instance in the plastic industry for the feeding of liquid additives, process oil etc. in the food industry for the feeding of honey, syrup, egg, butter/vegetable fat and others.

    Easy, time-saving product changes
    CIP-cleaning possibility is available.

    Advantages which pay off
    Its small size, coupled with wiring with clear, calculable investment costs and easy servicing thanks to the integrated DISOCONT® feeding and control electronics system as in the MechaTronic version.

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    Data sheets
    Loss-in-weight-feeder MechaTron® LQ S
    Loss-in-weight-feeder MechaTron® LQ M
    DISOCONT® Tersus Measurement, Control and Supervisory System
    Training Feeding Technology DISOCONT®