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    Katalog komponentów

    I Mechanika

    Wagi przenośnikowe

    MULTIBELT® Single-Idler Belt Weighers
    MULTIBELT® Multi-Idler Belt Weighers
    Speed Sensor FGA 20RSLE
    Speed Sensor FGA 30R2
    Correction system for Scales with variable Weigher Inclination
    Recommendations for the Installation Planning of Belt Weighers


    MULTISTREAM® B Solids Flow Meter
    MULTISTREAM® G Solids Flow Meter

    Dozownik wolumetryczny

    Volumetric Feeders AccuRate Series
    ProFlex® C500 / C3000 / C6000 Volumetric Feeder

    Wagi platformowe

    Platform Scales DVC/DVM
    DPW Pallet Scales

    Czujniki wagowe

    Ring-Torsion Load Cells RTB
    Pierścieniowo-skrętny przetwornik wagowy RTN
    Load Cells VBB and Load Cell Mounts VEB
    VDW Self-Centering Pressure Load Cell

    Elementy montażowe czujników pomiarowych

    SENSiQ® Elastomer Mount (SEM)
    SENSiQ® Secure Mount (SSM)
    SENSiQ® Secure Mount PLUS (SSM PLUS)
    SENSiQ® Pendulum Mount (SPM)
    Load Cells VBB and Load Cell Mounts VEB
    SENSiQ® Fixed Mount (SFM)
    SENSiQ® Fixed Mount PLUS (SFM PLUS)
    Accessories for SENSiQ® Mounts
    Engineering and design rules for hopper scales with SENSiQ®

    Belki tensometryczne i oczka pomiarowe

    Weighbeam DWB 11.5t - 25t
    SENSiQ® Weighbeam WB 40t - 600t
    Measuring Eye, DMA Type

    II Elektronika

    INTECONT® Satus, Indicator for Beltscales
    INTECONT® Tersus - Mass flow rate measurement
    DISOCONT® Tersus Measurement, Control and Supervisory System
    Weighing Indicator DISOMAT Parvus
    DISOMAT® Satus Weighing Transmitter
    Disomat® Opus Weight Indicators
    DISOMAT® Opus - ZEUS Weighbridge
    DISOMAT® Tersus weighing terminal
    DISOMAT® Tersus - Unit Load Handling Scale
    DISOMAT® Tersus - Crane scale
    DISOMAT® Tersus - Filling Scale
    DISOMAT® Tersus - Discharge Scale
    DISOMAT® Tersus - ZEUS Road Weighbridge
    DISOMAT® Tersus – JASON Road Weighbridge
    DISOMAT® Tersus - HERMES Dynamic Axle Load Scales
    A/D Converter DISOBOX® Plus
    Display and Operator Panels VOP 280xx/VFG 28000, Keyboard VTT 28000
    Display and Operating Panels VOP 28090/VFG 28090 ATEX 2GD Keyboard VTT 28090 ATEX 2GD

    III Oprogramowanie

    DISOVIEW E - The Legal-for-trade Scale Window for Windows PCs
    DISOSAVE Legal-For-Trade Memory
    Modbus OPC Server VPC 28004
    Communication Modules for PCS 7, TIA and STEP 7 to SIEMENS Controllers

    IV Akcesoria

    The wireless way to your scale – Bluetooth radio modules
    VFM 28000 Radio Module
    Secondary- and Large-size Display Units
    DISOPRINT VPR 20150 Flat Bed Printer
    Scale Simulators, Types DISOTEST 11 and VWZ 20410
    Terminal Boxes Types VAK and VKK for Sensors
    Measuring, Data and Control Cables