Coffee Application

Our handling solutions are good to the last bean

When it comes to helping coffee manufacturers produce the best coffee, Schenck Process has supplied material handling equipment and solutions for processing whole green beans and roasted, ground or instant coffee to some of the best known brands in the industry.

Schenck Process material handling applications for coffee processing

Whole green beans
Schenck Process dust collection systems are a key part of the initial processing of the raw green beans as the beans are cleaned, dedusted and screened for foreign materials. The dust collectors serve to remove any harmful dusts or airborne materials.
For material transfer, Schenck Process dilute phase conveying systems are perfect for handling green coffee beans as the beans are quite hard and do not break easily. However, if there is a breakage concern, the E-finity® dense phase pneumatic conveying system gently induces materials through the conveying line in a slug form, reducing the likelihood of breakage. The conveying system can transfer the green beans to and from storage and to the roaster, but typically dilute phase is the method of choice.

Roasted coffee
After roasting, the beans’ composition changes dramatically. Transport of the roasted coffee can now be divided into two methods. The first is dense phase (vacuum or pressure) where low or no bean breakage is required, increasing retention of the whole bean for retail sale or for flavor retention. These transfers can be from roaster to storage, storage to packaging, blending to storage, blending to packaging, storage to grinding, or blending to grinding. If breakage is not a concern, then dilute phase or low velocity dilute phase conveying are viable solutions.

Ground coffee
Concerns for handling ground coffee typically include the ability to maintain the integrity of the particle size, minimize exposure to oxygen and cross contamination, and preserve the flavor profile. To control these factors while handling the ground coffee from the grinder to storage or to packaging, E-finity® dense phase or vacuum dense phase pneumatic conveying systems are ideal solutions.

Instant coffee
Instant coffee is a highly hygroscopic product that can be handled with dilute phase pneumatic conveying, but in some cases dense phase conveying may be the better choice. A vacuum conveying system with clean, dry/dehumidified air for maintaining system reliability and peak operating conditions is critical to keeping the product from becoming tacky, difficult or impossible to handle. This is a common solution offered by Schenck Process for the transfer of instant coffee.

All Schenck Process dust collection and pneumatic conveying systems are designed to improve the environmental conditions of the plant as well as providing the safe and sanitary delivery of product throughout the process. Ensuring your process is good down to the last bean.

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