MULTICOR® – Cement Mixing and Blending

Cost Savings through the Manufacturing Pull Principle

Normal cement production processes are based on producing and storing goods in the expectation of them being consumed and in manufacturing terms, this is usually characterised as a ‘Push’ principle. The ‘Manufacturing Push’ principle can be an inefficient use of both resource and capital, resulting in increased inventory/stock levels and the tying up of cash. Therefore, the Schenck Process MULTICOR® Blending System facilitates the ‘ManufacturingPull’ principle by only producing goods when they are ordered – no need for the cement manufacturer to store blended production in the expectation of consumption.

Mixing according to the “Just in time” principle
A rotating measuring wheel mixes the main components and additives directly in the MULTICOR® S master according to the Coriolis principle. No separate mixer is required, and any mixture can be produced. This saves costs that would otherwise be incurred by using intermediate transport technology and silos.

Sample applications

Bagging plant
This has a total feed rate of approximately 40 t/h: MULTICOR® S is used to feed the main cement component and for the mixture. MechaTron® is used for the additional feeding of the kiln dust.

Cement loading
This has a total feed rate of approximately 150 t/h – 300 t/h: MULTICOR® S is used to feed the main cement component and for both the mixture and the additional feeding of additives.

Save and utilise added value
Produce “just in time”. Any ratio of components is possible. The highest accuracy and feeding constancy is ensured thanks to MULTICOR® S, supplemented by cutting-edge process-adaptive measuring and control technology from a single source.

Additive Blending using Pneumatic Injection technologies

Pneumatic injection technology can also be used for the blending of additives with the RotoFeed acting as a volumetric metering feeder with a variable speed drive. By incorporating weighing technology into the system a gravimetric version is created which can achieve accuracies of better than ±1% and a turndown ratio of 10:1.

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