LOGiQ® - Loading automation in the steel industry

A wide range of processes have to be covered in the steel industry; everything from scrap charging for the smelt process to delivery of final products.

When putting the recipes together, the individual fractions also have to be weighed with accuracy so that the right quality can be achieved in the production process. This requires robust interfaces so that the individual weights of a load can be continuously communicated to the control center.

LOGiQ®, the loading automation solution from Schenck Process, has the right solution for every application. It also checks loadings of produced goods, registering them with a transport number, dispatch notification or bar code. LOGiQ® provides the right gate area hardware and software for various setups. For example, when drivers report to large plants, they are provided with a plan of the plant.

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LOGiQ®: Save time and money by automating logistics
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LOGiQ® The new generation of loading and shipping automation