Material processing

Industrial weighing technology for continuous and discontinuous processes (especially in the bulk solids industry)
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Industrial feed systems for continuous and discontinuous processes (especially in the bulk solids industry)
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Screening and classification technology for reliable material preparation processes
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Filter systems for process and emissions optimization
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Pneumatic and mechanical conveyor systems tailored to the process
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Industrial mixing systems for bulk solids
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Classification and sifting technologies for (critical) processes
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Milling & Grinding

Grinding and milling systems for the raw materials industry
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Rotation driers and calciners for chemicals and construction materials
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Digital solutions
Software / Automation

Software for industrial and logistical process automation
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Remote service

Digital solutions for quick and worldwide service support
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Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring systems for process optimization
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Intelligent process control

Process-specific weighing electronics and control systems
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Aftermarket capabilities

Global consultation, online and local service for process optimization
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Spare parts

Fast available components and spare parts
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Process-optimized screen inserts, filter media and other wear parts
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Refurb / Modernization

Refurbishment and modernization of existing manufacturer-independent systems
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