One of the most advanced Pneumatic Test Centres in the world

Test Centre for pneumatic conveying and injection systems, based in the UK

Showcasing the latest in pneumatic technologies for dense phase conveyors and injection, the modern Schenck Process Test Centre enables customers to run extensive tests and assessments on their materials, whilst easily review the process. The centre is also designed to help customers find solutions to problems encountered when dense phase conveying or injecting materials across a large number of industries; whether you work in the iron or steel industry or process bulk solids such as NF metals, cement, minerals, chemicals or foodstuffs.

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Through the Clyde Process brand, Schenck Process have 45+ years of expertise, well-established know-how and application knowledge; enabling the team to provide tailor-made solutions for handling a wide range of materials.

Customers rely on the Test Centre's experts when assessing the effectiveness of existing systems or investigating how materials behave during pneumatic dense phase conveying or injection.

The extensive Schenck Process material database holds well over 10,000+ samples, for greater insight. Properties such as particle size, scatter behaviour, shape, porosity, bulk density, temperature, moisture content, brittleness and air retention are carefully measured to establish suitable methods of conveying/injection. New test values are also added to the material database as tests are completed, making the Test Centre perfectly prepared for new materials.

Test rigs in the Schenck Process Test Centre

Dense phase conveying test rig

  • Up to 500-metre test circuit with data acquisition
  • Over 800 materials tested
  • Comprehensive test report providing detailed results and recommendations

Vacuum conveying test rig

  • Various conveying line sizes up to 100 mm
  • Over 600 materials tested

K-pump long distance conveying test rig

  • Up to 500-metre test circuit with data acquisition

Continuous process injection test rig

  • Can be configured to model a large range of injection applications
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