Raymond® and Bartlett-Snow™ Research and Process Development Center

Naperville, IL USA

Testing Resources

Our 25,000 square foot pilot plant facility is used exclusively to test and demonstrate the capabilities of Raymond® and Bartlett-Snow™ equipment under simulated production conditions. This facility houses a wide range of full-scale processing equipment capable of grinding, classifying or thermally processing virtually any mineral, chemical, food or other material. Equipment is also available to perform pre- and post-processing chemical and physical analyses.

We test large material lots on full-size equipment to reduce much of the uncertainty of scale-up between bench and full-scale equipment. Managing large production quantities of test materials often uncover handling difficulties and other problems that might otherwise be overlooked.

You will work closely with our experienced engineers and technicians to simulate the environment of your operations as closely as possible. After the test, you’ll receive a computerized, analytical report, as well as our recommendations for equipment to best address your application.

Our research and development staff can perform computational fluid dynamics (CFD) computer simulation for many different types of processes, contributing to our ability to understand the application. For example, CFD analyses have been conducted on dynamic classifiers to optimize design. New product innovations are conceived, tested and developed at our facility before release to our customers.

Size Reduction Capabilities

  • Raymond® Roller Mill: Over 1,000 types of non-metallic materials have been tested at the facility.
  • Raymond® Imp™ Mill: Best for materials low in abrasion characteristics.
  • Raymond® Ultrafine Mill: Fillers and coatings down to 2 micron median particle size
  • Raymond® Vertical Mill: Utilized on a wide variety of non-abrasive materials.
  • Screen Mills: Screen size opening dictates the product’s particle size distribution.
  • Other Raymond® Pulverizers

Particle Size Separation

  • Jet Stream™ Classifier: Ultra fine classification
  • Dynamic Turbine and Static Classifiers for Mills
  • Mechanical Air Separators: Fine classification
  • Screen Tests

Thermal Processing Capabilities

  • Bartlett-Snow™ Rotary Electric Calciner: For indirect heating, calcining or other heat treatment of materials in an oxidizing, inert or reducing atmosphere.
  • Bartlett-Snow™ High Temp Rotary Calciner: Special alloy cylinders capable of temperatures up to 2,750°F (1,510°C).
  • Bartlett-Snow™ Rotary Dryer: For drying a variety of materials that may be brought into contact with the products of combustion.
  • Bartlett-Snow™ Rotary Kiln: Direct-fired high-temperature calcination of various process materials.
  • Raymond® Flash Drying System: For simultaneous drying and transport of materials requiring minimum retention time

Material Tests

  • Moisture Analysis: Moisture analysis and loss on ignition test.
  • Particle Size Distribution Analysis: Several techniques are available to determine particle size distribution.
    • Microtrac®: Computer-based analyzer using laser scattering technology to determine the full range of distribution from 704 microns down to 0.17 microns.
    • Ro-Tap® Screen Analysis: Determines particle size from 1 inch down to 500 mesh (31 microns).
    • Alpine® Air Sieve: Vacuum operated single screen analysis.
  • Abrasion/Grindability Analysis
    • Raymond Grindability Test: Determines the grindability characteristics of different materials.
    • Raymond Abrasion Test: Determines the abrasion characteristics in order to select mill type and predict parts life.
    • Hardgrove Grindability Test: Determines grindability for coal samples.
    • Gypsum Phase Analysis

Materials Tested

Alumina, Aluminum Hydrate, Ammonium compounds, Antimony Sulphide, Barium Nitrate, Barytes, Bentonite, Biomass, Borax, Burnt Lime, Calcium compounds, Carbon (activated), Chalk, Charcoal, Clays, Coal, Cocoa, Coke, Corn Gluten, Detergents, Diatomaceous Earth, Dolomite, Fluorspar, Grains, Graphite, Gums, Gypsum, Hydrated Lime, Kaolin, Lignite, Lime, Limestone, Litharge, Magnesite, Magnesium compounds, Metal Oxides, Metal Powders, MnO2, Peat, Pigments, Plastics, Polymers, Potassium compounds, Potatoes, Resins, Salts, Sawdust, Silica, Sludges, Sodium compounds, Soy Bean Meal, Starch, Strontium Nitrate, Sugars, Talc, TiO2, Tobacco, Wheat Gluten, Wollastonite, Wood, Zeolite, Zircon.

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