MultiTrain® BogieLoad Plus

    Bogie test rig

    Day in, day out: the perfect solution for ongoing maintenance work

    Monitoring technology for production and workshop
    Fully electromechanical, efficient and precise

    Two factors are decisive for bogies during inspections: precision and efficiency.

    MultiTrain® BogieLoad is a bogie test (bogie press) stand of the new, cutting-edge generation. One special feature is its fully electromechanical design with spindle technology, which is extremely efficient and ensures a high level of precision.

    Regular maintenance and repairs are indispensable for smooth operations. If a device is required to efficiently service regional trains, underground trains or trams, the MultiTrain® BogieLoad plus offers value for money perfectly suited to this job. A further benefit is that negligible inherent errors increase process reliability, resulting in reliable compliance with threshold limits for the permissible wheel load differences prescribed by the manufacturers of the rolling stock.

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