LOGiQ® WeighManager

LOGiQ® WeighManager is one of a number of modules which make up the perfectly coordinated logistics software solution from Schenck Process for the bulk materials and cargo industry. It automates all processes from ordering through to shipment and synchronises the exchange of data between process and commercial systems. All of the modules are perfectly interconnected but can also be used to supplement existing systems.

The LOGiQ® WeighManager module is responsible for checking incoming and outgoing weighing processes in LOGiQ®. It checks and controls the logical weighing processes, depending on the type of transport. The system basically distinguishes between bulk materials and cargo for delivery and dispatch. Special weighing processes are also taken into account. There may be weighing processes which the driver can undertake – checking tare, weighing fixed tare and checking cargo by comparing weights.

The control system can manage traffic lights, sensors and barriers, which can be directly controlled by the WeighManager module or indirectly by Schenck Process DISOMAT® scale electronics.

Types of application: Using the WeighManager module after exiting the vehicle. Using the WeighManager module inside the vehicle.

All operating processes are the same for bulk materials and cargo. LOGiQ® WeighManager is normally used for legal-for-trade weight calculation.

Special functions:

Checking tare:
The weight value measured in the incoming weighing process is saved in the transport data record. This weight value is read out by the loading point and compared with the tare weight of the vehicle at the loading point module. The system alerts the operating personnel if a certain threshold is exceeded, so the truck can be checked and the discrepancy resolved.
Checking cargo:
The individual items are totalled according to theoretical net weights and compared with the actual legal-for-trade measured net weight in the incoming and outgoing weighing process. A message is sent to the operating personnel if a deviation exceeds a set threshold. The truck is checked and the discrepancy resolved.
Processing fixed tare:
Regularly used vehicles which are known in the plant are saved in the vehicle master data with their vehicle empty weight in the LOGiQ® database. So there’s no need to determine the empty weight of the vehicle, regardless of whether it’s delivering or collecting material. This method is recommended if high throughput and low accuracy are required. A fixed tare weight may well include slight inaccuracies in terms of the empty weight, depending on different fuel quantities, for example.

Interestingly, LOGiQ® WeighManager can be fully self-governing, requiring no operator intervention. Information is only passed to an operator if there are any deviations and if a decision is required in order for example to send a message to other stations or to continue the process.

Software modules:
LOGiQ® WeighManager basic module for incorporating functionality (included in basic package). LOGiQ® WeighManager licence per set of scales monitored

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