LOGiQ® DataExchangeManager

LOGiQ® DataExchangeManager is one of a number of modules which make up the perfectly coordinated logistics software solution from Schenck Process for the bulk materials and cargo industry. LOGiQ automates all processes from ordering through to shipment and also synchronises all process and commercial systems.

The LOGiQ® DataExchangeManager module provides a number of options for communication with external systems. It communicates with e.g. process control systems, the system for observing material quantities, the system for transferring means of transport and, if desired, train data systems.

Depending on the plant’s requirements, all fault messages can also be recorded in a central maintenance system and transferred using LOGiQ® DataExchangeManager.
Because external systems often differ in terms of data interfaces, this module aims to provide a very wide range of connecting options, using TCP directly, OPC or file transfers. XML structures, plain ASCII or binary blocks are used as the format.

The LOGiQ® DataExchangeManager module is configured by Schenck Process specialists as part of a separate order when any modifications and adaptations to customer systems needed are also undertaken. These services are carried out in agreement with the customer on the basis of a specification. They are not included in the basic package.

Software modules:
LOGiQ® DataExchangeManager basic module for incorporating functionality. Software adaptation to the appropriate external system.

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The LOGiQ® DataExchangeManager
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