Load cells

    For classic and special tasks

    From standard through to very special solutions
    From classic weighing solutions for regular applications through to weighing tasks in the most difficult of environments – at Schenck Process you get all you need from a single source. Schenck Process weighing sensors can turn practically anything into a scale, with a level of accuracy up to 0,01% combined error. Thanks to our expertise, most load cells are approved for legal for trade in many countries up to OIML class C6 or equivalent. We offer weighing sensors that measure both light and heavy weights ranging from 5 kg up to 470 000 kg.

    Harsh environmental conditions that need protection against hazardous (potentially explosive) areas or special seals. That’s why our load cells are certified for ATEX/IECEx/FM and are protected up to IP 68/69K. Applications in a nominal temperatures range from -30°C to 110°C can be covered.

    Entrust your weighing tasks to the inventors of load cells. We´ll have a solution for any requirement.

    Ring Torsion Load Cell RTN
    Our classic load cell: Very compact also for high capacities, extremely reliable as well as durable and very accurate in measuring results. The original only from Schenck Process.
    Use in many different applications such as filling of valuable bulk materials in the case of hopper scales or precision as in vehicle scales …
    Rated capacity: 1 t – 470 t. Accuracy classification: +/- 0.05% (Non-legal-for-trade) to C5/C4 Mi-7.5
    (legal-for-trade, combined error = 0,01 %)
    Many different special versions are also available such as: different cable lengths; special IP protection; protection against chemical substances; suitable for hazardous areas; high temperature or connecting thread holes.

    Ring Torsion Load Cell RTB
    The smaller brother of the RTN. Also suitable for many different applications such as accurate filling of small hopper scales, platform scales or conveying measurement…
    Rated capacity 130 kg – 500 kg. Accuracy classification: C3/C3 Mi7.5/C6 (legal-for-trade)

    Ring Torsion Load Cell RTR/RTD
    Same quality as the RTN, but this version was specificly designed for the Indian market.

    Rocker load cell – VDW load cells
    This self-centring pressure load cell is highly sought after as it satisfies the growing call for low-cost but high quality weighing solutions. It is well protected and reaches legal-for-trade accuracy of OIML class C3. Usual application for this load cell is a vehicle scale. Rated capacity: 33t-44t

    Shear Beam Load Cell – VBB
    Classic shear beam load cell for rated loads under 1 t with reliable accuracy.
    Rated capacity: 0.1 t – 0.5 t. Accuracy classification after OIML: D1 – C4 (legal-for-trade)
    A version for hazardous areas is also available.

    Platform Load Cell – PWS
    This is our answer to all single point applications and this in a real cost attractive way. The PWS shows very small corner load error. Rated capacity: 10 kg – 700 kg. Accuracy of 0,05 %.
    A version for hazardous areas is also available.

    Adequate mounts and accessories are also available for each application  

    If a load cell is not enough, please check also our direct weighing sensors  

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