DLM Solids Flow Meter

The DLM is a deflection chute flowmeter designed for accuracy and repeatability, while processing various material sizes, even in high temperatures.

The DLM is a compact in-line measurement system for the continuous recording of bulk solid streams using non-impact force measurement. The material stream is “gently” deflected via an in-line measuring chute. The system ensures that impact factors, which vary depending on the bulk solids, are not incorporated into the results.

DLM therefore generates better, reproducible data to ensure product quality.

Individual solutions from a single source
DLM has a dust-containing design and robust construction. DLM, paired with a flow-controlled pre-feeder, turns into a feeding system. Depending on the application, we also deliver special individual designs – even for hot materials. Single source planning, delivery and service.

Typical applications:

  • Throughput and consumption measurement of bulk solids.
  • Measuring of grain flows in mills.
  • Feeding of additives and raw meal.
  • Batching at mixers or charging in a loading station.
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DLM Solids Flow Meter