Mucon® Iris Diaphragm Flow Control Valve

Ideal for “trickle-feed” applications and shutting off against a flow of material.

Mucon® Iris Diaphragm Valves are used worldwide due to their superb flow control characteristics and application versatility.

Features Include:
• No jamming (no mechanical components in contact with the product)
• Full bore opening (no restriction to product flow).
• Trickle feed capability
• Hand, pneumatic or motorized options
• Slim design – low install height
• No mechanical wear by abrasive products
• Dust-tight – no leakage to atmosphere
• Ability to seal around irregular objects
• Suitable for delicate products
• Hygienic designs available
• Easy to maintain and operate

Mucon® has a range of 6 different models, each in a large range of sizes to meet the needs of virtually all powder flow applications.

Range Includes:
• Mucon® AD Series Iris Diaphragm Valve – All-purpose hand operated IDV
• Mucon® ADP Series Iris Diaphragm Valve – All-purpose power operated IDV with electric or pneumatic operation
• Mucon® E Series Iris Diaphragm Valve – Heavy duty power operated IDV, with electric or pneumatic operation
• Mucon® H Series – Lightweight manually operated IDV for mobile bins
• Mucon® JS Series Iris Diaphragm Valve – Large diameter manually operated valves specifically designed to control powder from Super Sack® Container discharge stations
• Mucon® K Series Iris Diaphragm Valve – The stainless steel and easy strip down IDV for hygienic applications

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Data sheets
Mucon® AD Iris Diaphragm Valve
Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valve Brochure
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