MultiTrainL® Wheel&GuideLoad

    Less wear. More comfort. Increased safety.

    When it comes to safety, prevention is best – and that’s the principle behind the MULTIRAIL® Wheel&GuideLoad system.

    Before rail vehicles go into service they must be fully tested in accordance with DIN 14363. On-track testing involves the precise measuring and analysis of forces, loads and running characteristics and takes place on a test track. This test track incorporates straight sections, curves, torsional twisting and superelevation.

    It is this type of testing that the MULTIRAIL® test system from Schenck Process was designed for. The measuring track curve measures the normal force Q and the lateral force Y that occur during wheel/rail contact. By calculating vertical wheel forces it allows a vehicle’s running characteristics to be analysed and evaluated before the vehicle is approved for use. It allows engineers to detect and correct potentially dangerous climb-on tendencies of a wheel, as well as incorrectly positioned wheelsets.

    In short, MultiTrain® Wheel&GuideLoad makes rail transport significantly safer and reduces the possibility of derailment.

    Perfectly equipped for complete on-track control

    The MULTIRAIL® Wheel&GuideLoad system is a homogeneous measuring track with a curved configuration. It consists of a series of adapted force sensors that precisely measure Q and Y forces on vehicles in accordance with DIN 14363. Because MULTIRAIL® Wheel&GuideLoad is a continuous track it actually exceeds DIN 14363 requirements, delivering even better safety.

    Measurements are taken within a speed range of 2 km/h to 10 km/h.

    All the relevant data is recorded and communicated by PC-compatible software. An optional feature sends the data to a higher-level customer system.

    The MultiTrain® Wheel&GuideLoad prevention concept at a glance:

    • Calculates normal force Q and lateral force Y for analysis of running characteristics
    • Tests derailment protection
    • Overload control
    • Wagon weight diagnosis
    • Load distribution analysis
    • Wheelbase and wagon type detection

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