Impactors, aerators and vibrators

Bulk material flow aids

The Impactor is designed to aid the flow of dry materials that tend to bridge or compact in storage tanks or hoppers. The Impactor produces blows of high intensity but low frequency, and can be adjusted for blow intensity as well as the number of blows per minute. The Impactor and solenoid valve can be mounted in any position. Clean, dry plant air (60 – 120 PSI) is required for operation.


Bin Aerators
Bin-Flo aerators introduce low pressure air into any finely ground material. The air is equally distributed in controlled quantities to give the material an ability to flow by gravity from bins, hoppers or chutes.

Silo Fluidizers
  • Aerates along bin walls
  • Silicone disk resists tearing, hardening, or cracking
  • Won’t clog or wear like a fabric aeration pad
  • Easy to install

Bin hopper pneumatic piston vibrators are ideal for use on storage containers such as bins, hoppers and silos to promote material flow by eliminating the formation of bridges and rat holes.

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Impactors, Aerators and Vibrators
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