Feeder lubricant upgrade kit

If you are tired of feeder oil leaks, the lubricant upgrade kit from Stock Equipment will act to prevent troublesome oil leaks from recurring. All oil is drained from the gearbox and replaced with Fuchs Renolit™ to provide a drip-free seal in most situations. With regularly scheduled lubrication testing confirming the grease integrity, our grease does not need replacement, and in most cases is greased for life. With the lubricant upgrade, you can throw away those unsightly catch pans and eliminate hazardous oil spills.

Advantages: Lubricant keeps out contaminants, will not wash out of gearbox or bearings, lowers maintenance and eliminates fall hazards. Feeder is greased for life with testing confirmation.

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Stock® Feeder Reducer Lubricant Upgrade with Fuchs Renolit™ LSTO EP
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